AI-driven solutions better serve manufacturing processes

In the era of INDUSTRY 4.0, AI-driven factories are changing
the way manufacturing is done. AI computing enabled by deep
machine learning powers new processes combining industrial
robots, big data analytics, and IoT. Such an approach lets
AI-based solutions dynamically and accurately self-adapt to
changes in the production process utilizing data collected
from the previous configurations.

Responding to INDUSTRY 4.0 digital transformation, we founded a University of Robots, where we teach our robots how to better serve manufacturing needs. Thanks to statistical and AI-based learning, our solutions perfectly serve the factories in their quest to become SMART.


Smart Component Assembly

SCA robot automates manual assembly process thus improves quality, increases efficiency, without need of time-consuming and costly programming process.

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Smart Visual Inspection

Vision systems improve error detection, speed up manufacturing process, and guarantee high product quality.

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3D Visual Inspection

Viveka 3D Vision is a patent-pending solution honored by RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards.

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LED Lights System & Controllers

Our LED industrial lighting solution is modular and optimized for your applications.

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Industrial Analytics

Industrial Analytics solution collects data from the factory equipment to secure work continuity and efficiency.

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Smart Component Assembly


Our Smart Component Assembly station is the answer to the problems of manual assembly of THT electronic components and the increasing employment costs. It assembles various types of THT components and precisely forms their leads, ensuring high quality and efficiency of production and reducing the factory’s operating costs.

  • Assembles components with non-standard shapes and dimensions, such as transformers, chokes, relays, varistors, capacitors, fuses, connectors and others
  • Fits atypical elements packed in standard packaging (plastic tubes, radial tapes, trays) or delivered loose
  • Verifies whether the component has been correctly fited and repeats the process if necessary
  • Reduces the risk of damage to the element by integrating the forming process with assembly.
  • Leveraged application yield up to 99,97% in our client’s factory

Smart Component Assembly is a highly advanced AI-driven solution being a perfect fit for any factory, especially with a high-mix, low-volume production profile.

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Smart Visual Inspection


Our Smart Visual Inspection solutions enhance the manufacturing inspection process to considerably improve quality and reduce setup as well as operational costs. Propriety Smart-VIS™ algorithms provide inspection high performance and efficiency, with minimal support from SW engineers. Due to their rapid self-adaption, both our systems are a perfect fit for high-mix, low-volume production models.

  • AI.Rob VIS is a mobile inspection system for various object detection, at any production stage and in multi-tasking processes.
  • AI.Rob SOI automates the inspection of a wide variety of THT components, leveraging effectiveness in missing component detection up to 99.99%.

Smart Visual Inspection is a highly advanced and cost efficient solution driven by AI, easy to be implemented in any existing production line. It is a perfect fit for high-mix, low-volume manufacturing.

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3D Visual Inspection


Our Viveka 3D Vision is a powerful solution for making a quick and precise optical inspection of objects such as electronic components and their details in a 3D space. It is ready to be used in any automation projects, on various machines and for robotic applications.

  • Identification of damaged and non-compliant components
  • Visual inspection of parts with shiny or reflective surfaces
  • Ultra-fast acquisition and image processing
  • 3D contour and shape analysis
  • 0,02mm of measurement accuracy
  • 99,99% efficiency in the correct component recognition
  • 98% of application yield in our client’s factory after introduction of Viveka 3D Vision inspection process

Our vision system, designed to detect the object’s edges and shape, reads the dimensions and the exact position of the components and their parts to achieve reliable and accurate measurement results.

Viveka 3D Vision is the EU patent-pending solution honored in 2022 by Robotics Business Review with the BRB50 Robotics Innovation Awards. >> read more

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LED Light System & Controllers


AI.Rob’s LED industrial lighting is suitable for a wide range of vision and industrial applications, such as inspection, identification, testing, machine vision and robotics. LED lighting features excellent light intensity and smooth illumination combined with a long lifetime. AI.Rob product family is modular and can be used in various combinations to optimize lighting.

Different types of LED colors: Green, Red, Blue, White or Infrared and different types of diffusers mean that the light can be selected exactly according to the requirements of the application. We also make custom-designed LED arrays, lighting and control units. Customer-specific development and adaptations are a core part of AI.Rob’s business.

All lamps can be operated in continuous or strobe mode. The lamps are robust, compact and easy to install. Simply connect the LED light to the controller and set the desired light intensity.

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Advanced analytics reshape manufacturing processes

Our Industrial Analytics Solution uses statistical algorithms to reshape manufacturing processes in order to ensure stability and continuity as well as improve efficiency and reduce operational costs. The analysis is performed to generate reports, statistics, alerts and predictions for process and infrastructure improvements.

Data for the analysis purpose is collected by Industrial Sense Solution and stored in the cloud to be utilized according to the business needs. The solution includes a set of customized sensors connected to the networking infrastructure and cloud database. As an optional part of our intelligent machines and robots, it allows them to perform more efficiently and seamlessly in the manufacturing ecosystem of our Smart Factory.

The Industrial Sense Solution can be also implemented as an external sensors to retrofit off-line machines, factory space or rooms and connect them to the Internet of Machines for monitoring whole manufacturing process and storing conditions.
Data could be available in local ERP/MES systems using a simple REST API.

About us

Move seamlessly into Industry 4.0 with AI.Rob

AI.Rob delivers industrial robotic solutions empowered by 3D vision systems. We have over 30 years of experience in the field of electronic design, HW&SW development, manufacturing and process automation. We gained it in a course of long-lasting cooperation with the well-reputable brands worldwide such as Philips, ABB and Bosch to name a few.

We offer wide expertise in visual inspection along with cutting-edge technologies such as AI and Industrial Analytics, especially in the field of EMS. Our innovative solutions shift clients into the INDUSTRY 4.0 reality by streamlining and automating production processes driven by Artificial Intelligence.

What legitimates us is the fact that our products not only originate in the needs of our own factories, but are thoroughly tested when working on our production lines.


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